Mikaylah’s Onlyfans, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Personal Life and FAQs

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Mikaylah Anne, widely recognized as “mikaylah_au,” has carved her path to stardom through platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. With her engaging content, including humorous videos, fan-submitted riddles, and reaction clips, she has captivated the online world. Let’s delve deeper into the life and career of this Australian sensation.


NameMikaylah Anne
Date Of BirthOctober 20, 1998 (24 years old)
Net Worth<$800k
Instagram FollowersInstagram – 1.7 Million
TikTok FollowersTikTok – 4.6 Million
YouTube FollowersYouTube – 780k
Twitch FollowersTwitch – 580k
Twitter FollowersTwitter – 303k
FanbaseOnlyFans – 329.1K


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Mikaylah’s journey began on TikTok, where she adopted the username “mikaylahau.” Her first videos hit the platform in November 2020. On TikTok, she initially shared gaming and comedic shorts, often featuring jokes and riddles submitted by her fans during live streams. Within no time, her engaging content amassed more than 4.6 million followers.

As her popularity soared on TikTok, Mikaylah expanded her presence across other major social media platforms. Her primary domain is her self-titled Twitch channel, where she indulges in gaming sessions. Games like Among Us, Just Chatting, The Baby in Yellow, and Apex Legends have all graced her streams. She maintains an active streaming schedule, typically going live at least once a week. At present, she boasts over 580k followers on Twitch, and her Twitter account has an impressive following of 303k fans.

Diving into the world of long-form content, Mikaylah joined YouTube in July 2020, making her official debut in October 2021. Her YouTube channel features reaction videos and shares her TikTok content. Her TikTok videos, which have garnered millions of views, found a new home on YouTube. Among her YouTube content, a YouTube Short stands out with over four million views. Currently, her channel boasts 780k subscribers and has accumulated a staggering 270 million total video views. While not much is known about Mikaylah’s professional pursuits outside of content creation, she has firmly established herself as a passionate full-time content creator and a rising star in the digital world.

Net Worth

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Mikaylah’s estimated net worth is approximately $800k, as reported by WikiOfCelebs.com and various other sources. Her primary sources of income stem from her social media accounts, streaming activities, and paid subscriptions. On TikTok, She has the potential to earn upwards of $5k per post, excluding income from brand-sponsored collaborations.

Instagram also contributes significantly to her earnings, where sponsored posts can fetch her anywhere from $6k to $10k, depending on the collaborating brand. On YouTube, her earnings can reach $3k per video, and brand collaborations can take that figure up to $10k.

However, it is on Twitch that she shines the brightest in terms of income. She primarily earns through ads and donations on the streaming platform. The exact amount she earns from donations varies significantly, ranging from $10 to occasionally reaching the high thousands.

According to TwitchStats, she currently has 1,600 paid subscribers, translating to earnings of upwards of $8,000 per month from subscriptions alone. Additionally, she generates income through her OnlyFans account, which charges fans $10 per month for a subscription. While her exact monthly subscription sales figures remain undisclosed, it’s clear that Mikaylah has built a multifaceted income stream from her online presence.

Mikaylah’s Social Media Reach

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Mikaylah’s ascent to stardom is evidenced by her extensive fan following across a diverse range of social media platforms. Her impressive reach includes:

She has harnessed the power of these platforms to engage and entertain her ever-growing audience, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the world of social media.

Personal Life

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Mikaylah Anne was born on October 20, 1998, in New Zealand but was raised in Melbourne, Australia. She is currently 23 years old and holds Australian nationality. Despite her online fame, she remains private about her personal life. Little is known about her background, family, or relationship status. One aspect of her life that she has shared with her followers is her love for pets, particularly dogs and cats.

Top Videos

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Mikaylah’s content has resonated with audiences worldwide, leading to some of her videos gaining massive popularity. Here are a few of her top videos:

  1. Twitch Scream Reaction](TikTok Video): A humorous clip titled “Well, do you? I’m so invested” from one of Mikaylah’s Twitch streams.
  2. Comedic Twitch Stream](TikTok Video): Another hilarious Twitch stream short titled, “there’s no way y’all are hanging stuff on it.”
  3. TikTok Comedy](TikTok Video): One of Mikaylah’s most-watched TikToks – a comedic short from another of her Twitch streams, titled “Be honest, don’t lie, do you do it?”
  4. Funny Score Reaction](TikTok Video): Another top-viewed video by Mikaylah titled “AINT NOO WAAAAY how did you score?”
  5. Twitch Stream Moment](TikTok Video): Another short clip from one of her entertaining Twitch streams.

These videos capture the essence of her engaging and comedic style, which has endeared her to her millions of fans.

Mikaylah FAQs

Q. Who is Mikaylah?

Mikaylah Anne, better known as “mikaylah_au,” is a popular TikTok star, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and an Instagram model famous for posting funny and entertaining videos on her social media handles. Her content primarily consists of short videos featuring jokes, funny riddles from fans during her streams, and reaction videos.

Q. How old is Mikaylah?

Mikaylah was born on October 20, 1998. She is currently 23 years old.

Q. Does She have a boyfriend?

There is no information available about her background, family, or her relationship status.

Q. How much is her Net Worth?

She estimated net worth is $800k, according to WikiOfCelebs.com and several other sources. Her primary sources of income include her social media accounts, streaming, and paid subscriptions.

In conclusion

Mikaylah Anne, aka “mikaylah_au,” has skyrocketed to fame through her entertaining and humorous content on various social media platforms. With millions of followers and a growing net worth, she continues to make her mark in the digital world. Despite her online prominence, She remains enigmatic about her personal life, letting her content speak for itself.

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