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Ashley Ann Kolfage, a notable figure in the realm of Instagram modeling, influencer marketing, and entrepreneurship, has captivated the digital world with her charm, beauty, and business acumen. Born on September 16, 1985, in San Angelo, Texas, Ashley has emerged as an influential personality in contemporary American pop culture. This biography delves into her life, career, and the traits that have made her a respected figure on social media and beyond.

Early Life and Background


Ashley Kolfage was born in the heart of Texas, in the picturesque city of San Angelo. This charming Texan town served as the backdrop for her upbringing and the formation of her personality. Her early years were characterized by the typical Texan values of hospitality, strong work ethic, and a sense of community.

The Journey to Stardom

Modeling and Social Media

Ashley’s journey to stardom began in the world of modeling. Her striking beauty, cute smile, and graceful poses quickly caught the attention of both local and online photographers. She honed her modeling skills, creating captivating images that resonated with audiences on social media platforms.

Instagram as a Platform


Ashley’s rise to fame is closely tied to her strategic use of Instagram, a platform known for its visual appeal and potential for influencer marketing. She meticulously curated her Instagram feed, showcasing not only her modeling prowess but also her sense of style and personality. Her dedication to authenticity and engagement with her followers set her apart from the crowd.

Personal Profile

Family and Relationships

While Ashley Kolfage’s professional life has garnered significant attention, her personal life remains relatively private. Her relationship with her husband, Brian Kolfage, has occasionally been a subject of curiosity among her followers. However, she has managed to strike a balance between her public persona and personal privacy.

Physical Attributes


As of 2021, Ashley Kolfage was 35 years old, standing at a graceful height of 5 feet 6 inches and maintaining a healthy weight of 65 kilograms. Her statuesque figure and photogenic features became her trademarks, contributing to her allure as a model and influencer.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Ashley proudly identifies as American and belongs to the White ethnicity. Her American roots are evident in her Texan upbringing, which has influenced her values and outlook on life.

Entrepreneurship and Business Ventures

Beyond her modeling and social media success, Ashley Kolfage has ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship and business. Her journey as a businesswoman demonstrates her versatility and ability to diversify her career.

E-commerce and Fashion

Ashley has leveraged her social media presence to launch her own e-commerce fashion line. Her keen eye for style, coupled with her understanding of the fashion preferences of her followers, has enabled her to create a clothing brand that resonates with a wide audience. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through as she expands her brand’s reach.

Legacy and Impact

Inspiring a New Generation


Ashley Kolfage’s journey serves as an inspiration to many aspiring models, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Her ability to build a thriving career by combining her passion, creativity, and business acumen is a testament to the possibilities that the digital age offers.

Maxim Magazine Cover Model Competitor

In 2018, Ashley Kolfage took a leap into the world of high-profile modeling when she competed for the coveted title of a cover model for Maxim Magazine. This endeavor showcased her ambition and desire to make a mark in the fashion and modeling industry.

The Educator: Fourth-Grade Teacher

Beyond the glitz and glamour of her modeling career, Ashley Kolfage has another identity — that of a dedicated educator. She serves as a fourth-grade teacher in the Catalina Foothills Unified School District, based in Tucson, Arizona. Her commitment to shaping young minds adds depth to her character and reflects her passion for education.

Coconut Chic: A Boutique Venture

Ashley’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond the realm of fashion modeling. She co-runs a baby and children’s clothing store called “Coconut Chic.” This venture is a testament to her diverse interests and collaborative spirit. Ashley manages this boutique alongside her best friend, Erin, both of whom share the unique bond of being United States Air Force wives.

Love and Family

A Love Story at Chili’s

Ashley’s personal life is a heartwarming love story. She met her future husband, Brian Kolfage, at a Chili’s restaurant where she worked as a hostess. Their chance encounter eventually blossomed into a deep and lasting relationship.

Happily Married

Ashley and Brian tied the knot on May 28, 2011, marking the beginning of their journey as a married couple. Their love story is a testament to the power of genuine connections and the beauty of serendipity.

Brian Kolfage : A Remarkable Figure

Brian Kolfage, born on September 21, 1982, in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, is a remarkable individual in his own right. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force and is best known as the founder of the organization “We Build the Wall.” This organization gained prominence for initiating the construction of a privately funded barrier on the U.S.–Mexico border after raising more than $25 million through GoFundMe donations.

A Remarkable Recovery

Brian’s life took a dramatic turn when, on September 11, 2004, he was deployed to Iraq and faced a life-altering event. He became one of the most seriously wounded airmen in U.S. history when a 107 mm enemy rocket exploded just three feet away from him. The injuries left him without his dominant right hand, both legs, and a collapsed lung. Despite these challenges, Brian’s resilience and determination have inspired many.

The Blessing of Parenthood

Ashley Kolfage hubby

Ashley and Brian Kolfage’s love story has been further enriched by the arrival of their two beautiful children, a son and a daughter. Their journey into parenthood is a testament to their shared commitment to family and the joy they find in raising their children together.

Physical Attributes and Lifestyle

Ashley’s Stunning Figure


Ashley Kolfage’s physical attributes contribute significantly to her modeling success. Standing at 5 feet and 6 inches and weighing 65 kilograms, she possesses a statuesque figure that many admire. Her long blonde hair and brown eyes enhance her natural beauty, while her body measurements of 34-25-35 inches reflect her dedication to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

The Fitness Regimen

Ashley’s enviable physique is a result of her dedication to fitness. Her daily workouts are the cornerstone of her stunning shape. She frequently shares her fitness journey and showcases her figure in various bikinis and outfits on her social media platforms, inspiring many with her dedication to wellness.

In summary, Ashley Kolfage’s life and career are a tapestry woven with diverse threads. From her aspirations as a model and her role as a dedicated teacher to her entrepreneurial ventures and her inspiring love story with Brian Kolfage, Ashley’s journey is a testament to the multifaceted nature of her identity. Her commitment to education, family, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle makes her a relatable and inspiring figure for her followers and admirers.



In the world of Instagram modeling, influencer marketing, and entrepreneurship, Ashley Ann Kolfage has carved out a niche for herself. Her journey from a small Texan town to the digital limelight showcases her determination, authenticity, and talent. As she continues to evolve as a model, businesswoman, and influencer, Ashley Kolfage’s story remains a compelling narrative of success in the modern age of social media.

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